TS are self-priming rotary vane pumps with high flow rate accuracy.

The design precision combined with a careful choice of materials results in a very quiet, reliable and maintenance-free operation. A long lifetime is ensured by rigorous monitoring of their construction. A bypass valve protects the pump during temporary overpressure conditions. Optional devices (pressure switch, thermostat) ensure pump safety in case of dry running or sustained overpressure. The use of PPS (Ryton), graphite and stainless steel means the pumps can handle most liquids.

There is a selection of seven pump models and a wide range of fittings to meet most needs and requirements.

  • For fluids ranging from pH2 to pH14
  • Self-priming pump
  • 100% ED
  • Dry running
  • Long life time
  • 100% of delivered pumps are tested
  • Extremely quiet

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