Suction pumps



The suction pump assembly offers two high performance electromagnetic pumps,  float-, control- and safety device, built-in suction filter and check valve, 7,3l oil storage tank and LCD-Display with permanent function control feedback.

The aggregrate is equipped with an anti-syphoning valve (outlet sided) either mechanical “M” (fixed to 1,80 m) or electrical “E” (control / release by consumer). Furthermore an additional redundant safety system to disconnect the pump from the mains power. A safety drip pan with emergency shut-off and an integrated thermal system monitoring.

The pump is delivered ready to plug in and supplied with mounting strip, cable connections 10 x 1 mm.

The pump is type-tested according to DIN EN 12514-1: 05.2000.



Dimensions: 400x230x320 mm
Weight: 7 kg
Power: 80 VA
Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Flow: See diagram


  • 7.3 l oil storage tank
  • Low-noise operation and high reliability through redundant safety system
  • Digital display of the operating cycles
  • Integrated filter and check valve
  • Safety drip pan with overflow protection
  • Runtime monitoring
  • Thermal system monitoring
  • Anti-syphoning valve, either mechanical or electrical


  • Gas or oil boiler

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