Established in 1964, Gotec SA is a family business with a strong know-how in the field of solenoid pumps in Switzerland. We have since developed several products based on our know-how in the fields of air conditioning (HVAC) and heating (ZÖV). Gotec S.A. is known as a solid, innovative, flexible, and reliable supplier.

  • We offer high quality turnkey solutions to the market.
  • Every single day, we care about the needs of our customers and partners. This is how we achieve customer satisfaction.
  • We maintain a sales network on 5 continents through reliable and flexible partners.


  • To continue our expansion in the field of solenoid pumps and vane pumps.
  • To create added value on our pumps by integrating additional features and by developing and producing our own assembly lines.
  • To continue to produce “plug and play” systems for the air conditioning and heating industry
  • Innovation and know-how are our DNA which allow us to remain a reference in the field of solenoid pumps.
  • To support our employees in their involvement in our evolution : progress of markets, tools, internal and external changes in the professional world.


Trust and credibility

Both management and employees work with honesty and frankness, and with a strong sense of responsibility we have towards our partners : between employees, with our customers, with our suppliers and with all the people involved in our daily operation.

Social responsibility

Trust, respect, frankness, solidarity, the value of individual initiative and especially collective work are just part of our identity. We strive to apply these values daily, to be a responsible employer that respects equal opportunities by valuing all our talents: that is, our employees.

Our personnel committee is consulted and participates in issues related to health, safety at work and environmental protection.

We are committed to comply with laws in effect concerning human rights, the protection of workers, child labor in all our operations as well as in our supply chain as far as possible.
We look after employee safety, and each is encouraged to take care of the other, pursuing the “zero accidents” objective.

Added value and Know-how

The added value is our knowledge and skills that we have developed and acquired over the past decades. Our employees are the guardians and messengers of this knowledge for the next generation.

Environmental responsibility

By developing and producing high quality products, we have taken a long-term approach to sustainable development integrating environmental impact. We are very careful about overconsumption and wasting resources. In cases where we do generate waste, it is sorted or recycled. We provide products that have a longer lifetime than other products on the market. Practically, our products are not objects «Kleenex». Thus, we provide a repair service and we continuously strive to extend this to our sales partners over 5 continents, so that the product life cycle is as long as possible for both the customer and for the environment.

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