New product – DC driver

New product – DC driver

Gotec has launched a new solution – Plug&Play DC driver: an electronic system to run ET, EK or EM pumps with DC voltage.

This electronic converts DC voltage in a pulsed signal; the value of frequency and duty cycle is fixed to create the best performances. The flow can be adjusted via input voltage - between 10 to 30 VDC.

There are 2 versions of DC driver, one for EK and ET pump and the other one for EM pump.

For ET and EK pump, you can connect them with a special designed connector which can be completed with DC driver or you can simply connect with cables.

DC driver For EM pump, it has also very compact design to be connected with EM pump thanks to DIN female connector.

DC drivers are NOW available! Please do not hesitate to contact us to get more information!

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